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Spy And Anti-spy

Even Cold War is over, spy activities remain active nowadays. One of FBI’s jobs is to detect spies among ordinary citizens to secure United States. As a matter of fact, spies are not only related to nations in a broad sense, they also refer to people or activities in our daily lives, like the detectives to follow our spouse in our marriages, the person to steal the company’s financial report or the leak of new technology or product’s information. As a result, people will find ways to fight back. We may call it anti-spy. Today we will mainly focus on spying.

Spying actually has a long history. Where there is war or competition, there is spy and anti-spy. The most famous movies for this activity are Mr. & Mrs. Smith which is acted by Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie and The Bourne Supremacy by Matt Damon and Brian Cox. We are crazy about the spies’ intelligence, quick responses and confidentiality. Some of us may even dream of becoming a spy. This work is mysterious and enchanting. And the spies thus become a favorite topic among people.

 Soviet Union has got a reputation for training and taking advantage of spies. The female spies are called Swallows. One of them even let Albert Einstein fell in love with her and as a result, revealed some important science information to her. Apart from this kind of spies, double agents are also belonged to spy rings. This usually makes things complicated and exciting because you will never know if the person you talk to or are familiar with to be your true friend or deadly enemy.

To accomplish the spying job, sure you shall be well-equipped. Spies actually use the most advanced technical equipment, such as interceptors, blasters and monitors. When comes to modern lives, spies of detecting state secrets are not well-known to the public. But we can also apply such kind of devices to prevent thieves or other bad things which may happen to us.

Stuff related to spy is quite hot in these days. You will find them on the online shops or actual entities. The most commonly used one is spy camera. You may find it on a pen, a clock, a glass and a watch and so on. Go to shop and get yourself a spy camera. You will be the next spy too.

If you would like more stories of spies, you can also Google those things happened in Germany and Soviet Union. You will get interested and shocked. As the world marches on, people will become more and more acquainted with spying. Anti-spy is hence kind of self-protection.
By: Ashley_summer

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